Convent of St. John Tarouca, The Cistercian Order in Tarouca

The Convent of St. John Tarouca is located on the slope of Leomil mountains, overlooking the valley of the river Varosa, in the parish of St. John Tarouca, Tarouca municipality in the district of Viseu, Portugal.


Constitutes the first monastery of the Cistercian Order in the country, founded in 1144.

In 1152, after the victory of D. Afonso Henriques over the Moors at the Battle of Trancoso, it launched the first stone of the convent church.

A new dormitory and the bell tower were built in the sixteenth century.

The last phase of the monastery expansion works took place in the nineteenth century.

In 1938 proceeded to the restoration of altarpieces, including that of St. Peter, attributed to Gaspar Vaz.

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