Montemuro Mountain Range

It is located in Arouca municipalities, Cinfães, Resende and Castro Daire and Lamego (Viseu district) and between regions of Douro Litoral and Beira Alta.

The average altitude is 838 meters. Is from the Douro river to the north and the river Paiva, to the south, bordering the city of Lamego. The highest point of the mountain is called by Talegre or Talefe, the 1381 meters of altitude. The whole mountain is quite steep terrain and is virtually everywhere. The saw is populated up to about 1100 meters of altitude, the villages are scattered throughout the mountains, but often near water courses, as Bestança river that divides the South-North direction.

The Serra de Montemuro, is the 1st phase of the national list of network sites natura 2000. It is classified as CORINE biotope, with designation of Serra do Montemuro / Bigorne.

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