Walls of the Doors of Montemuro, in Castro Daire and Cinfães

The ruins of the Wall of Doors of Montemuro, Parada de Ester (Castro Daire) is an archaeological site considered as a Public Interest Property by IPPAR since 1974.

In the thirteenth century was cited in inquiries of 1258. The archaeological site is shared by two neighboring municipalities: Castro Daire and Cinfães. According to some authors, the site attests scarce traces of a fortified settlement from the Iron Age, which can be considered as part of the Celtic culture. The “castro” will then been reused by the Romans and during the Reconquista, by D. Afonso Henriques (note that some surrounding land have belonged to Egas Moniz).

The term doors have appeared officially for the first time in the charter of Bustelo village, granted in the thirteenth century and is also known as the Western Wall Doors or simply Wall, by hunters and shepherds passing through the site and will relate, perhaps the passage of transhumant herds of Serra da Estrela. There is a chapel near the site, a typical attitude of adopting the Christian religion of sacred sites or supposedly sacred pagan era.

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