Dolmen of Arquinha da Moira, in Carregal do Sal

The Dolmen of Arquinha da Moira is a single copy megaliths. In addition to its excellent condition, the pillars that support the mound we can still find cave paintings.
Built in Neo-Chalcolithic in the III millennium BC, this dolmen apparently was only discovered in 1990. But since then, has received much attention. It is said in these lands, vineyards and fields, that aa slab tapir was already long known as Lunch Box Stone, where workers lavoira joined in the meal snack.

Currently, can only be visited on the outside, thus protecting the valuable assets it holds. Enter your booty collected during the excavations, have become numerous fragments of pottery related either to the initial use of the monument, as its subsequent reuse bell. The same can be said of chipped lithic objects and polished that there were identified.

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