The Mother Church of Armamar

The Mother Church of Armamar (or Church of St. Michael), whose construction possibly dates back to the twelfth century, is the only national monument Armamar1 municipality, Portugal. Has undergone several subsequent interventions to build in the XVII and XVIII.

According to tradition the church was probably built with stones of the demolished Armamar Castle, before the foundation of Salzedas Monastery. The views in this regard are divided: some consider that the church was founded by Egas Moniz, of King Afonso Henriques schoolmaster; others say that by Egas Moniz initiative will have been built a primitive temple, perhaps a chapel, not the current church that has become of him. Of all opinions is registered as probable date of construction end of the twelfth century of the thirteenth century principles.

Built on a combination of Romanesque and Gothic styles, has a rectangular plan with three naves and bell tower of square plan. Both the façade and the interior are constructed in granite stonework. On the back is located in the chancel with coverage in Ball Room.

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