Santuário de Nossa Senhora dos Remédios, in Lamego

The Shrine of Our Lady of Remedies, is located in the parish of the Cathedral, city and county of Lamego, Viseu District, Portugal.


The popular devotion at the site dates back to a chapel, under the invocation of St. Stephen, built in 1361.

In the sixteenth century, threatening ruin, was demolished (1568), starting the construction of a new temple on the initiative of the bishop of Lamego. In the new chapel was placed an image of the Virgin and Child.

Over time, devotion to St. Stephen decreased, replaced by devotion to the Virgin. The devotion of those who resorted to it for relief for diseases has led, in turn, the devotion to Our Lady of Remedies.

The current sanctuary was principled in 1750, and completed only in 1905.

Its traditional festivals, resulting annually from six to eight in September.

The temple has in its facade, the Baroque and Rococo features (“rocaille”). The facade is flanked by bell towers. In its construction was used to granite.

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