Tower of Alcofra, in Vouzela

The Alcofra Tower is located in the Village of Cape town, parish Alcofra, Vouzela municipality, Viseu district of Portugal.

In a dominant position on the western slope of the Caramulo mountains, this is one of three stately towers still exist in the county, and that is in a better condition.

The early human occupation of this website is earlier than nationality, allowing its toponym inferred to have been occupied by Muslims.

At the time of affirmation of nationality, was Couto, as last letter by D. Afonso Henriques (1112-1185) in 1134, later confirmed privilege, in 1146.

It is estimated that this tower was built in the late fourteenth century or early fifteenth century.

A Legend of the Tower

A local legend says that this tower has a tunnel that goes to Monte Gralheiro and will have whipped Christian soldiers fighting with the Moors.

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